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      Wellcome To Wotboy Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.!

      Electric injection molding machine


      1.Micro precision parts production; 2.long-term or small orders;3.samples for testing ;4.air cleanliness workshop production ;5.for teaching and training;

      pursuit the quality of products to be more stable 

      1.Ultra-high-sprformance dual-core CPU,computing speed 0.13us,shortest cycle control only62.5us,the machine is  realized,high-speed and reliable operation,reduce consumption and costs,significantly improve the production efficiency. 

      2.The servo motor uses24-Bit MECHATROLINK-IIIbus of embedded NC technology yreatly improved plasticizing,injection sw;

      3.The servo motor uses 24-Bit Absolute Type Encode,not only power failuer during operation or after power failure replacement of mechanical parts,but also to remember their locations in real time.

      4、Server to utilize digital torque feedback control,plus the precision load measuing sensors,the machine can a chivev high accurac measuring the plasticizing;

      Peripheral&Auxiliary Equipment 

      1.drying machine  2.automatic self-loader;3.water gap separator  4.cooling system;

      Service Hotline:0769-87896501
      Finished Product
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      The Precision Control Of Pid
      Clamping Re-orientation Accuracy ±0.005
       Ejection Re-orientation Accuracy±0.005
       Precision Of lnjection Weigh0.01g
       The machine is designed for molding production of small parts.With the precise screw injection system,highest accuracy of the injection is ensured.(Even the injection amount is less than 0.02g)Using the servo comtrol system and 24-bit high precision absolute encoder,it has high stability and repetitive accuracy performance which improves the forming stability of prodcuts..

      weight standard deviation of products--reduce to 1/3

      2.High Performance 

      Quality Monitoring(cycle/defective Material/injection Time)
        Alarm And automatic stop
        Pid Temper ature control   Mould With Electric Heating
        The Temperature of ready conditions
        operating speed of machine ls controlled
        Mould low voltage protection function    Screw torque protection
        Four clamping speed
        Four stages lnjection
        Four stages pressure maintaining
        Four stages measurement
       The servo and upper machine use communication lnstruction(anti-interference performance enhanced)
        Automatic tuning mould program
        Agency activities parts oil automatically
        The speed of center pole and torque can be controlled
        Operation simple and personalized page
        Multiple languages showing
       Can be processed and stord100 sets of mould materials
        Produsts counter-batch code setting
        Injection program
        Shoot machine function
        Material cleaning program
        Pressure servo and high precision load measuring sensor closed-loop contro
        High precision measurement of injection and clamping position
        24 bits absolute value servo motor
        Four temperature control zone
        Two pieces of mold thermostat    Ethernet link:modbus TCP

      3.High Efficicency,High Speed lnjection

      XBOS-8.5T Max lnjection speed 400mm/s ; 

      4.lmported and advanced technologv 

           confrot sysfem:KEYENCE
            Drive servo:YASKAWA
           Cafon System:LUBE
            Femmreture COnffrot Syspem:OMEGA
           10.4inch touch screen:PRO-FACE

      5.Energy Conservation, The EneRGY Consumption Of Maching Only0.7kw/h 

      Servo energy-saving injection molding machine is equipped with high performance servo motor power control system.The output power of the servo motor varies according to the operating load,there is no additional energy losses ,motor will drcrease speed during the pressuring the pressure maintaining stage to minimize the energy comsumption and it will stop working at the cooling stage without any energy consumption servo energy-saving injection molding machine brings a new revolution in the field of hydraulic injection molding machine,not only improving the injetion precision but also saving electricity and watre and reducing the noise.


      The intelligent machine makes it possible to run it with less manpower or without any people on site;
       With the online system,it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s convenient to check out the machine conditions with your tablets or mobile phones even you are on a business trip staying in the hot/noisy injection workshop or in the comfortable office to operate the multiple machines is up to your choice;

      We can supervise molding field even if we are in the office or far away places 

      7.outline dimension 

      cover an area of 1.2square meters,can bulid micro injection molding workshop,greatly save the investment of the workshop and injection mold.


       screw diametre(mm)
        injection volume(cm3)
        injection pressure (kg)
        mould locking foce(kn)
        mould-opening stroke(mm)
        ejecting force(kn)
        ejecting stroke (mm)
        mold height (mm)
        power consumption (kw/h)
        net weight of machine(kg)
        max speed of screw (rev/min)
        between the transverse pull rods(transverse*vertical(mm)
      < 60
       power supply(ac)
        total power(kw)

      Contact us

      Dongguan Wotboy Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.

      Tel:0769-87896501   Fax:0769-87896503


      Address:Dongguan Suyin Qingxi Town of third road management areas

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