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      Manufacturing expert for injection (pull) blowing air forming machine"
      The injection stretch blow molding machine germ tube, product release step, energy saving and high efficiency, high product quality, and can be more than thin blow molding products without stretching, which can save 50% of the raw materials, and ensure product balance requirements.
      The one-step injection and blow molding machine, compact structure, small footprint, saving money and human resources more than other methods.
      It is suitable for food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, oil and seasoning bottles and bottles, water bottles, lights, hood telecontrol.
      With the increasing demand for high-grade daily necessities of food, medicine and cosmetics bottle packing machines, the products produced by extrusion blowing method can not meet the requirements. Injection (pull) injection blow molding products from germ tubes, stretch blow molding and mold a step, no flash, no outlet plastic, the gap has less perfect mouth, the bottom line cracks, more transparent and more rigid. Stretch blow molding products can stretch blow molding products more than thin, so it can save about 50% of the raw material, has the advantages of one-step injection stretch blow with the above characteristics of more high-speed and energy-saving.

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