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      Stable development prospect of injection molding machine industry
      At present, 80% of injection molding is used in engineering plastics industry. In recent years, the development of injection molding technology has been promoted due to the growing demand for injection molded products, such as automobiles, buildings, household appliances, food, medicine and other industries. From the United States, Japan, the United States, Italy, Canada and other major producing countries, the injection molding machine production is increasing year by year, accounting for the largest proportion of plastic machinery. By consulting on complete "2012-2017 injection molding machine industry investment situation and operation strategy of industry depth Research Report" shows since the reform and opening up China's machine industry has made considerable progress. Because the plastic can be recycled lightweight, low temperature forming, can be multi-functional increase its use more and more widely used more and more in plastic to replace steel or wood development tendency. Although the real estate regulation policy did not relax but compared with low-income housing construction, the various regions and industries, "12th Five-Year" planning and water conservancy construction and other favorable factors for plastic machinery industry provides a good opportunity for development. And the rise in household consumption has created an excellent opportunity for the home appliance and automotive industries downstream of the plastics machinery. Sinno consulting industry analysts think the functional diversification of market demand increase performance requirements and manufacturing process of low carbon environmental protection and energy saving has a higher demand for the plastics industry plastics industry compared to innovation. The future industry multilayer, precision is the main direction of development of plastic machinery. Meitai investment consulting company referred to on consulting. Sinno consulting is a project investment consulting, project research report of professional institutions have a certain reputation in the domestic la. The main company is by the relevant industry has many years of experience of senior experts observed that there are nearly 10 years of experience in the field of service research report. The company relies on professional engineers, senior economist, cost engineer, registered accountant team and the number of foreign experts since 2003 to provide professional market research and consulting services for enterprises and government units accumulated rich Market Research Report and project experience.
      According to the national development and Reform Commission relevant provisions for examination and approval of the project research report requires engineering consulting units to prepare La on consultation in addition to its own national Class-A engineering consulting qualification outside La and under the national development and Reform Commission a research institute, Research Institute, China International Engineering Consulting Corporation and a number of large engineering consulting qualification group units to establish a long-term exchanges and cooperation between LA can provide ecological construction and environment, machinery, building materials, agriculture, economic integration, construction, textile, municipal utilities, roads, water supply and drainage), thermal field and Industrial Park, oil and natural gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, geotechnical engineering such as grade A or B engineering consulting service f in providing engineering consulting experts also provided free of charge Consultation within a year from LA to help enterprises successfully through the project review. by
      The project operation of enterprises, institutions and investors gives advice and escort.

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