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          Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd., the company headquarters is located in the most beautiful town in Dongguan China Qingxi Town, always adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation, quality first" management of faith, both at home and abroad to lay a solid foundation, China become well-known professional brand.
          We have been pursuing professional development, always adhere to the "quality first, customer first, always grasp the core technology of high-end precision, manufacturing process and product quality exquisite control, with the help of our professional services for customers to create higher value. After years of development, has now formed a Guangdong Dongguan headquarters, radiation nationwide sales network.
      Excellent corporate culture
          Enterprise culture is the foundation of keeping enterprise evergreen. Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. in promoting enterprise development at the same time, timely reviews of the corporate culture, on the basis of inheritance and innovation, and to extract the "pursuit of excellence excellence culture wing for the first" as the core values.
           The excellent culture of Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. originates from the accumulation of history, the practical efforts, and the pursuit of the future. Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd., created a successful exploration of development trend and market combination of imported technology and self development mode to development achievements Buweijianxian pioneering spirit and remarkable, "excellence" carved into the historical process of enterprise. With the change of the market environment, the pursuit of excellence is the strong belief and the driving force of Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co., ltd..
      Strong development ability
       Over the years, Dongguan Bo Chuan intelligent equipment limited company not only developed a highly efficient, high-quality development teams in the areas of development, has established a perfect function, with the international advanced level of technology development strength, has the ability to provide an integrative solution injection for customers.
          R &amp; D center includes two parts of trial production test base and test machine factory, which basically meets the needs of the independent development of injection molding machine, and can be aimed at the research and development of plastic molding machine system. The R &amp; D personnel of the technology center have developed a complete prototype and prototype production capability with excellent technology development capabilities and customer acceptance equipment. In a variety of special test pavement in one test machine factory, visualization, data, in front of the efficiency of the present to customers, for customers to solve all the menace from the rear, for the development of new models, test and evaluation to provide a reliable guarantee. Through the planning and adjustment, the company has formed from market research, project planning, design, general arrangement, the market forecast, the structural design of the machine manufacture, test the whole process of the development process; including the formation of the innovative models of independent development, the ability of independent development of machine parts, electronic appliances, development.
         Selecting talents and training talents is an important link in the development of plastic molding machinery development ability in Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co., ltd.. In early 2009, Dongguan Bo Sichuan Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. is carefully selected 5 young engineers, the whole process lasted 3 years development training, and now they have become the backbone of the core field of Dongguan Bo Sichuan intelligent equipment limited company development center. In 2012, Dongguan Bo Sichuan Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. selected the second batch of 12, the average age of 25 years old young talent development, combined with the development of practice in the new project, learning system development process, development tools and development standards. At present, Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. development team has more than 60 people.
         Through the practice of a series of products, the development strength of Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is gradually emerging. In 2009, the first self-developed horizontal injection molding machine was successfully listed in Dongguan Sichuan Intelligent Equipment Co., ltd.. In 2012, the integration of more LED clients demand elements bulb injection blowing machine successfully developed. In order to support customers comprehensive solutions to customer paid Dongguan Bo Chuan menace from the rear, the Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. has hired elite mold development team is committed to supporting the mold, injection stretch blow machine equipment in 2013, listed on the comprehensive display of the mold from the production quality to the quality and efficiency of high-tech industry development ability perfect strength, won the customers praise. In October 2014, the automatic peripheral equipment of ball bubble machine was formally launched, and its high quality production speed was highly praised by the market. In November 2014, the 24 blister mold was successfully designed and developed by Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co., ltd.. The design and development marks the development level of Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. has reached a new height, at the same time, Dongguan Bo Chuan intelligent equipment limited company of accurate grasp of the market has also been widely recognized. The new product development of Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. also indicates that the internal R &amp; D work of the company is gradually integrated into the integrated industrial system of injection molding equipment and blow molding equipment industry.
       people oriented
      Talent is the foundation of the long-term development of the company, human resources is the key to support the company's steady growth. Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co., pay attention to employee development, and the establishment of training, evaluation and incentive employee comprehensive development system based on complete, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, improve employee satisfaction.
      The pursuit of Dongguan Bo Sichuan intelligent equipment limited company excellent wing for the first "corporate culture, penetration in the work process, talent development, and other aspects, to create a good learning, innovation and employees to actively participate in the atmosphere, make the company become a learning enterprise worthy of the name of the. Diversified development has greatly encouraged employees to focus on their own posts and continuously improve their professional ability, strengthen the construction of highly skilled personnel, and provide a steady stream of talent support for the sustainable development of the company.
          Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. always adheres to the concept of respect for each employee, with all employees to develop together, return the contribution of employees to the enterprise. The scientific system of staff training system, diversified channel of staff development and harmonious work environment atmosphere, Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. was formed in many aspects of talent incentive mechanism, to achieve a higher employee commitment and talent attraction. With the leading perfect human resources management system and continuously strengthening the competitive advantage, it has become a new star in the domestic plastic molding industry.

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